11/7 - Lake Effect Cloud Maintenance Downtime

On November 7th, 2016 we will be performing software maintenance on our LakeEffect Cloud infrastructure. In particular we will be upgrading the underlying software (Eucalyptus) that runs the cloud service. This is a major upgrade and is necessary for us to perform in order to be able to use certain features of the cloud that are not available in the version we are currently running. We are going to perform a "live" upgrade which will keep the instances running without interruption and if all goes well, users should not notice any effects from the upgrade.

We have performed this same upgrade procedure several times on our dev/test cloud without any major problems. Although we are confident that the live upgrade will be successful there is a always a chance that unforeseen problems could occur during the procedure. Therefore, we are recommending that you back up all cloud data that is not easily reproducible including any configuration that you need should you have to recreate all your instances. This data should be backed up off the cloud.

The upgrade will begin at 8am on 11/7 and should take most of the day.  During this time period the cloud management features will be disabled so that it does not interfere with the upgrade.  We will send out an email when the upgrade is started and when we are finished.

If you have any questions of concerns please submit a help ticket