Dear Faculty CCR users,


Happy Holidays!  We have two important announcements for the end of the year.  Please pay careful attention to both as they impact faculty accounts and storage at CCR.


First, based on feedback from many of you, we are happy to announce that CCR now has a new lower cost storage option available.  This storage is not backed up.  However, we hope that it meets the lower cost needs that some faculty groups have requested.  The storage is priced at $150/TB with a minimum purchase of 10TB. The price is a one-time charge and is good through December 2019.  Initially, the maximum available will be 50TB per group but please contact us if you require more.  Please see our storage options web page for more details.   


Second, with the approval of the CCR Faculty Advisory Committee, faculty will now be required to renew their project annually.  The short, but important renewal process is described in this knowledgebase article.  This renewal process leverages our new resource subscription management portal, Coldfront.  In addition to account renewal, Coldfront allows faculty to see what CCR resources they have access to, easily add/remove users from their projects, and update their research information. 


Please know that the annual account renewal is not a request we make lightly – we are very respectful of your time.  However, the project description, publication and funding information that is part of the renewal process provides CCR (and UB administration) with valuable return on investment metrics.  We have tried to make the process as easy as possible (for example publications can be uploaded by DOI).


Your subscription to the UB-HPC academic cluster will expire on January 31, 2017; therefore, you need to login to Coldfront and renew your account before then.  You will use your UB/CCR username and CCR password to login.  If you need to reset your password you can use the identity management portal: Instructions can be found here: Identity Management Portal.  If you received an email a few weeks ago from Dori Sajdak and did not activate your account at that time, please contact her for a new activation email.  Until your account is activated, you will not be able to login to Coldfront.


IMPORTANT: Please note, that if you do not renew your account by the end of January, you risk the deactivation of all accounts under your group. 


As always, please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.  For questions of support or the renewal process itself, please contact CCR Help ( or  We appreciate your cooperation and support.