Computational Sciences Club

On behalf of a few of CCR's graduate student users:


Dear CCR Users,

We have started a new club called 'Computational Sciences Club', funded by the Graduate Student Association of UB. The purpose of CSC is to bring together students who do computational studies in UB, to share research perspectives, organize seminars/workshops, promote collaboration and nurture awareness in the job market. The club is an excellent platform to share information on computational tools, engage discussion on available resources at UB such as CCR, and learn state-of-the-art computational tools across different disciplines in science and engineering. 


We organize monthly workshops and other events including the annual symposium on 'Job and Career Perspectives for Students in the Computational Sciences'. Kindly note that this year's symposium is on April 14th, in which we are inviting speakers from Dow Chemical Co., Pfizer, NASA, Schlumberger, and HGST. More details regarding our past and upcoming events can be found on our event's page


Currently, CSC has over 105 members, including graduate and undergraduate students. If you are not a member, please sign-up on our website or send an email to to join CSC. We look forward to building a strong computational science community at UB.


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


Thanks and best wishes,



CSC President