WANTED: Undergraduate students for summer programming posititions

The Center is seeking to hire highly motivated UB undergraduates who wish to work in a dynamic research environment.

CCR has an on-going program that provides undergraduate UB students with advanced training in software engineering and computational science while employing them to work on a wide range of active research projects. Students not only gain valuable experience working in a state-of-the-art research environment as part of a team, often applying knowledge in their chosen fields, but also utilize new technologies, including software engineering, database design, parallel computing, and user interface development. The end of the summer culminates with a short presentation by each student describing the research project they worked on and their role in it. Examples of past research projects include Vhub - Cyberinfrastructure for Volcano Eruption and Hazards Modeling (https://vhub.org/), XDMoD – Metrics on Demand for HPC (https://xdmod.ccr.buffalo.edu/), Bioinformatics – miRdSNP, REDfly - A Regulatory Element Database for Drosophila (http://redfly.ccr.buffalo.edu/), xTuition - Development of an Expert Crystallization Knowledge System, and Explore UB – a web-based and iOS virtual tour application.

Assist CCR staff in a variety of software development projects. Projects span research areas including hazards modeling, data analysis, user interface design, database design, and parallel computing. Students will be expected to prepare a short presentation describing the research project that they worked on and their role in it.

Minimum qualifications:

College science and mathematics coursework. Experience with a high-level programming language such as Java, C/C++, or Python in a Unix/Linux environment.

Salary: $11/hour

Interested persons should apply on-line at UB Career Services - posting number: 686981

Email applications can not be accepted