UPDATED: Downtime Schedule for 2018-2019 Academic Year

The following is a tentative maintenance downtime scheduled for the 2018-2019 academic year.  The majority of downtimes are the first Tuesday of each month but some may be moved to accommodate holidays or  the academic calendar.  


Please note: This schedule can, and likely will change, to respond to vendor software updates, critical security patches released off-schedule, or unplanned problems.  We will update this page as soon as any decisions are made that affect the schedule.


Types of downtimes:

Center-wide – all services at CCR affected

Cluster-wide – all clusters affected but no other services

Cluster-specific – some, but not all, clusters affected but no other services

Cloud – all cloud services affected but no other CCR services


Services to be Updated:

FreeIPA – LDAP & authentication servers

Foreman – Installation servers - clusters affected

DNS – 1-2 times per year; done during center-wide downtimes only

Isilon Storage – 1-2 times per year; center-wide

Arista Networking – once per year; center-wide

GPFS Storage – once per year; cluster-wide

SLURM – all clusters affected; aim to update 4 times/year; dependent on software release schedule

Cloud - affects the CCR research cloud only; no other services affected


Downtime Dates & Tentative Update Plan

8/21  – Cluster-wide:  Operating system updates & reboots; OnDemand upgrade; addition of new NSF compute & GPU nodes to the ub-hpc cluster.  DETAILS

8/27 – classes start 

10/9 – Cluster-wide:  Operating system updates & reboot

11/6 - Cluster-wide: Operating system updates & reboot

12/18-1/28 – winter recess 

12/18 - Cluster-wide: Operating system updates & reboot


1/15  – Center-wide:   Operating system updates & reboot


1/28 – classes start

1/28 moved from 2/5 – Cluster-wide:   Cluster nodes rebooted, GPFS storage repairs - see here for details


3/18-23 – spring break

3/19 – Cluster-wide:   Operating system updates & reboot (NOTE: date change to accommodate Spring Break)

4/30 – Cluster-wide:   Operating system updates & reboot

5/10 – last day of classes
5/18 – last day of exams

5/28 - Cluster-wide:   Operating system updates & reboot

6/25 - Cluster-wide:   Operating system updates & reboot 

Summer 2019 downtime schedule TBD