November 2019 - Monthly Maintenance Downtime (11/26)

Date of downtime: Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Approximate time of outage: 7am-5pm

Resources affected by downtime:

UB-HPC cluster (general-compute, debug, viz, largemem, and gpu  partitions) 

Industry cluster (compute, scavenger partitions)

Faculty cluster (all partitions)

Portals: WebMO, OnDemand

What will be done:  

  • Operating system updates on all nodes and front end servers due to security patches released
  • Slurm update to version 19.05.4
  • OnDemand server operating system updates and OOD update
  • GPFS client update (tentative)

Jobs will be held in the queue during the maintenance downtime and will run after the updates are complete.

If you have  any questions or concerns please e-mail