UPDATED 3/17/20: Staffing due to COVID-19 epidemic

This information may change as circumstances change.  Please check back frequently for updates.

3/30/20:  Governor Cuomo has ordered all state employees to remain working from home an additional 2 weeks, until 4/15/2020.

3/17/20:  UB staff who can work from home have been mandated to do so.  CCR system staff will be closely monitoring the systems remotely and will attend to any problems on-site as quickly as possible.  As always, please report any problems by submitting tickets to CCR help.

3/16/20:  CCR is currently open for business, as is UB.  UB's informational website for all matters COVID-19 can be found here:   https://www.buffalo.edu/coronavirus/dashboard.html 

Since the majority of CCR users interact with our systems remotely, there should be little difference in your experience with CCR during these times.  Many CCR staff members are working from home; however there are systems staff in the office during regular business hours, as per usual.  The one issue users may face is that of limited network bandwidth.  With the enormous influx of employees working from off-campus and students completing classes all online, we all may be feeling the pain of network slowness, poor response times, and network disconnections.  Please report any issues you experience to CCR help and we will determine if there's something we can do to mitigate the problem or submit a help request to UBIT.

Please note, it is up to individual CCR staff members if they wish to conduct face-to-face meetings or training sessions with users.  Health officials are highly encouraging social distancing measures so we would prefer that users submit tickets and attempt to work with our staff via email, phone calls, or WebEx sessions.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this incredible time of uncertainty for all of us.  

~ CCR IT Staff