RESOLVED: 3/18/20: Connection issues from FortiNet VPN

We believe this to be resolved.  Please report any additional problems to CCR help.

UBIT has provided a secondary VPN service, FortiNet, as of a few days ago, to handle the increased load of employees and students working remotely.  We are aware of issues connecting to CCR services from this VPN network.  We're working with UBIT to resolve these as quickly as possible.  Some work arounds available:

1. If you still have the Cisco VPN client installed, use that.  Only connect to it when needing to connect to CCR resources.  Disconnect when done to free up space for others and use the new FortiClient for everything else. 

2. Direct SSH connections are always available to the data transfer server ( from outside the VPN networks.  Once connected to the transfer server, you can 'ssh vortex' to get to one of the front end servers of the academic cluster.  You will need to have previously uploaded your public SSH key to the CCR identity management server to be able to use this though.  Details are here

NOTE: If you don't have SSH keys already uploaded you won't be able to do that at this time.  Please contact CCR help for a manual method to accomplish this.