Summer 2020 - System updates and changes to make note of

It's been a busy summer for CCR's system support staff.  Check out these articles to see what you may have missed!


Academic (UB-HPC) cluster partitions merged nearly all into one

New Panasas scratch storage online 9/1 - GPFS going away 9/29

Several updates to the Slurm job scheduler could affect your use:

Changed Slurm authentication method to PAM (8/4 downtime)

Configured pam_slurm_adopt module to restrict users' access to only nodes their jobs are running on (9/1 downtime)

New Slurm hardware and annual account sync with ColdFront (9/1 downtime)

Other system changes:

limits.conf settings changed to allow for core dumps

Modules deprecated  NOTE: this list is updated regularly

OnDemand updated to version 1.8 (September 1 - more features to be added throughout the fall semester)

Coming up for September 29th downtime:

Operating system updates on nodes and front-ends

GPFS removed from service

NVIDIA driver updates on GPU nodes

Slurm update (minor release)

X11 built into Slurm for salloc/srun - this will provide an alternative to fisbatch