RESOLVED: 6/9/21: OnDemand Files app editor overwriting some file types

6/18/21 - OnDemand was updated this morning with a patch to resolve this issue.  Please notify CCR Help if you continue to experience problems or notice any other issues.

We've received a report of the new OnDemand files app editor zeroing out files after edits are made and saved.   This means the entire file contents are lost.   We've also seen problems of edits not saving or the formatting of a file is completely altered after a save.  This may be a file encoding issue.  We've been able to replicate the problem problem of blanking out files with those that are UTC-8 encoded.  The issue has been logged with the OnDemand developers and they are actively working on troubleshooting the problem.  We will update CCR users when we know more and will update OnDemand as soon as they supply a bug fix.  Until then, we recommend users do not use the 'edit' function in the Files app for UTC-8 encoded files.  Rather use a command line editor such as vim, emacs, or nano.  We also highly recommend you confirm other file types aren't affected - take a backup of your file, edit it with a small change, save it, and confirm the file has not been zeroed out.  If it has, please submit a ticket to CCR Help so we can update the OnDemand developers.