6/29/21: Some faculty and visualization nodes remain offline after general maintenance

Three of the five visualization nodes and some private faculty nodes are still offline after our maintenance was completed today. We are migrating all nodes at CCR into a new networking and installation setup and the faculty nodes are being done rack by rack during the downtimes. This minimizes the amount of time the faculty nodes are offline. However, many of these nodes are extremely old and take a very long time, with a lot of manual manipulation, to get them moved over. We are working through 4 racks during this month’s downtime and the nodes will come back online as quickly as we can get them moved over.

You can check the status of nodes using the ‘sinfo’ command and specify your partition. For example:

sinfo -M faculty -p partition_name

To check the status of the visualization nodes, run:

sinfo -p viz

Anything that shows a status of ‘maint’ means we are still working on it. 

Thank you for your patience!