7/27/21: PARTIALLY RESOLVED: OnDemand users may be affected after recent downtime

There are two issues that may affect OnDemand users:

- If you did not login to CCR servers prior to the downtime on 7/26 you will not have a home directory and will not be able to create one.  This will prevent the OnDemand dashboard from loading.  Please contact CCR Help for assistance.

This part of the issue has been resolved.  New OnDemand users should be prompted to create a home directory and SSH key pair.  If you have issues with this process, please contact CCR Help. 

- If you did login and create a home directory but did not run the script /util/ccr/bin/ssh_no_password.sh to create SSH keys for the cluster, you will not be able to use the terminal (cluster) app in OnDemand.  We are now requiring SSH keys for logins so without this setup your logins will fail.  This requires manual intervention by CCR staff.  Please contact CCR Help for assistance.