2021 Highlights

It's been another crazy year but despite the outside issues of a global pandemic, CCR staff have moved UB's research computing forward on some major levels.  Check out our highlights for the year!

CCR 2021 Recap

  • Over 2,500 help desk tickets resolved (up 24%)
  • Nearly 290,000 knowledgebase article views (up 122%)
  • Installation and migration to a new 2PB enterprise storage system serving user home and group project directories
  • Stood up a new industry cluster – adding 5,544 CPUs to CCR’s compute resources
  • Added nearly 100 new faculty nodes in 17 new partitions – now supporting 52 partitions in the faculty cluster!
  • Multiple Slurm, operating system, and OnDemand updates throughout the year
  • Migrated to a new cloud infrastructure – now offering OpenStack Magnum for container orchestration
  • Said good-bye to 4 staff members

Things we did in the background that you likely did not notice:

  • Completely revamped the internal networking in our data center
  • Replaced external network switch providing faster connectivity to/from CCR
  • Migrated to a new compute node provisioning system developed at CCR

Coming in 2022:

  • A completely new software infrastructure which will allow us to better support the installation of standard HPC packages and enable users to easily install their own software
  • New core network switch
  • New visualization node infrastructure
  • Vacations?