March 2022: Monthly Maintenance Downtime (3/22/22)

6PM UPDATE:  Maintenance is completed and systems are open again.  Please report any problems to ccr-help

FYI - ColdFront updates were not completed today.  The portal will be offline intermittently Wednesday for these updates to be completed. 

5PM UPDATE:  We are still under maintenance but should be wrapping up soon.  Thanks for your patience!

Date of downtime: Tuesday, March 22, 2022

NOTE: Date changed to coordinate with UB spring break

Approximate time of outage: 7am-5pm

Resources affected by downtime:

UB-HPC cluster (all partitions) 

Industry cluster (all partitions )

Faculty cluster (all partitions)

Portals: WebMO, OnDemand, ColdFront

What will be done:  

  • Reboot of all cluster nodes
  • Updates of front-end login nodes (vortex1/2/4/5, transfer) and OnDemand
  • Panasas software update - final stage remaining from Feb downtime
  • ColdFront update

IMPORTANT:  Side effects for users:

Anyone using SSH to login will be REQUIRED to upload their public SSH key to the CCR identity management portal.  After the downtime, you will not be able to login with SSH unless your key is on your CCR account.  Instructions for this can be found here

Jobs will be held in queue during the maintenance downtime and will run after the updates are complete.  

If you have  any questions or concerns please e-mail