April 2022: Monthly Maintenance Downtime (4/26/22)

Date of downtime: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Approximate time of outage: 7am-5pm

Resources affected by downtime:

UB-HPC cluster (all partitions) 

Industry cluster (all partitions)

Faculty cluster (all partitions)

Portals: WebMO, OnDemand

What will be done:  

  • Reboot of all cluster nodes
  • Updates of front-end login nodes (vortex1/2, transfer) and OnDemand
  • Panasas software update

Noticeable changes for users:

  • Fisbatch is being removed.  Instructions for an alternative solution can be found here
  • Users will no longer be able to SSH on a compute node running their job.  The Slurm command 'srun' should be used as an alternative.  See here
  • Transfer server connections will now require being on UB or RPCI's networks (or connected to their VPN from off-campus)
  • To transfer files without the VPN use the Globus service
  • For SSH connections, X11 forwarding and port forwarding will be disabled

Jobs will be held in queue during the maintenance downtime and will run after the updates are complete.  

If you have  any questions or concerns please e-mail ccr-help_at_buffalo.edu