LakeEffect Research Cloud Planned Maintenance (6/1/22)

Beginning at 10am Wednesday, June 1, 2022 maintenance will be done on the Lake Effect research cloud that will result in network instability.  We are aiming to minimize disruptions to the cloud infrastructure; however, there will be approximately four 15 minute outages as we progress through these updates.  We recommend that you plan to not do any work in the cloud environment until this update is completed.  Running instances should bounce back from the outages.  However, you may see errors starting new instances or volumes, running snapshot processes, volume resizing, container orchestration, or doing any manipulation of running instances such as resizing.  Please avoid these types of tasks the morning of this maintenance to ensure the best possible outcome for your instances.

Access to the Openstack Horizon Dashboard will be blocked during these updates to minimize potential issues during these updates.

Other services affected:

  • OnDemand portal
  • ColdFront portal
  • Industry slurm cluster
  • GHUB job submissions