RESOLVED: 6/7/22: Quotas misreporting on user and project directories

6/15/22:  The quotas have been updated to accurately represent the usage.  If you believe this is incorrect for your home or project directory, please submit a help ticket.

6/10/22:  A patch was applied to our storage system today so quotas should now be reporting correctly.   We will leave this alert open while we continue to monitor the situation over the weekend.

We've been made aware of an issue that some users and groups are facing where the usage on the storage is showing that it's hit quota.  However, the actual space used on the systems is not at quota.  This is affecting /user and /projects subdirectories.  If this affects you or your group, please submit a ticket to ccr-help or send us a slack message as we have a workaround for this problem.  The vendor will apply a patch in the next few days to fix the issue.  We apologize for the inconvenience.