Downtime Schedule: 2023-2024 Academic Year

The following is a tentative maintenance downtime scheduled for the 2023-2024 academic year.  The majority of downtimes are the last Tuesday of each month but some may be moved to accommodate holidays or the academic calendar.  

Please note: This schedule can, and likely will change, to respond to vendor software updates, critical security patches released off-schedule, or unplanned problems.  We will update this page as soon as any decisions are made that affect the schedule.  Thank you for your understanding!

Types of downtimes:

Center-wide – all services at CCR affected

Cluster-wide – all clusters affected but no other services

Cluster-specific – some, but not all, clusters affected but no other services

Cloud – all cloud services affected but no other CCR services

FACULTY CLUSTER USERS:  Jobs on the faculty cluster are allowed to run up until the downtime starts.  Please ensure your jobs checkpoint and can restart where they left off OR request only enough time to run your job prior to the 7am cutoff.

Downtime Dates & Tentative Update Plan

8/28/23 - Fall Classes Begin

9/26/23 - Cluster-wide  Details

10/31/23 - Cluster-wide Details

11/29/23 - Cluster-wide Details 
NOTE: Changed from Tuesday to Wednesday

12/11/23 - Last Day of Classes

12/13/23 - 12/20/23 : Semester Final exams

12/26/23 - CANCELLED

1/16/24 - CENTERWIDE Details

NOTE: Moved to accommodate start of classes

1/24/24 - Spring Classes Begin

2/27/24 - Cluster-wide  Details

3/18/24-3/23/24 - Spring Recess

3/26/24 - Cluster-wide  Details

4/30/24 - Cluster-wide Details

5/7/24 - Last Day of Classes

5/9/24 - 5/16/24 : Semester Final Exams

5/28/24 - Cluster-wide Details 

MOVED: Date moved to Wednesday to accommodate vendor schedule

6/25/24 - Cluster-wide  Details

7/30/24 - Cluster-wide

8/20/24- Cluster-wide