Automated Removal of Files in /gpfs/scratch

The "scrubber" script runs daily on /gpfs/scratch.  All files over 3 weeks old are deleted as per CCR scratch storage retention policy:

The storage policy for the GPFS scratch space is to retain data for no longer than three weeks, as per the CCR Backup and Data Retention Policy

A scrubber script is used to DELETE files that are MORE THAN THREE WEEKS OLD from the CCR's GPFS scratch space:


Please remember all CCR scratch directories are for temporary storage only, and are NOT backed up.  Since there is no backup, we WILL NOT be able to recover any files deleted by the scrubber.

If you have a created a directory in the /gpfs/scratch directory, for example /gpfs/scratch/<username>  you can list files that are more than 3 weeks old with this "find" command:


  $ find /gpfs/scratch/username -atime +21


Please move any files you wish to retain from the /gpfs/scratch/ directory tree to your user, projects or alternate storage space. 

NOTE: It is an outright violation of University at Buffalo computing policy to attempt to circumvent this policy.  Anyone found attempting to modify file dates to get around the scrubber will have their data removed without notice and their account deactivated. We actively monitor for this!

The "Projects" and "User" directory trees, /user and /projects are for long term storage, subject to the quota restrictions on those directories. All these directories are backed up.

If you need to increase your long term storage space at CCR, please contact so we can discuss project directory options and prices.