January 2016 Centerwide Maintenance Downtime

Dates of downtime: Sunday, January 17 at 6pm - Wednesday, January 20th at 5pm

NOTE: This is dependent on data sync duration.  We anticipate a minimum of 2 days downtime but ask you to plan for 3 days

Resources affected by downtime:

  •     UB-HPC cluster - ALL PARTITIONS  
  •     Industry cluster - ALL PARTITIONS 
  •     MAE cluster - ALL PARTITIONS 
  •     Chemistry cluster - ALL PARTITIONS 
  •     Physics cluster - ALL PARTITIONS 
  •     All servers that mount the central, networked storage including webservers, virtual machines, faculty/department servers, etc. If you are unsure if this includes your server, please contact ccr-help 

Jobs will NOT be held in the queue while maintenance is ongoing. Users will need to resubmit their jobs after the downtime is complete. If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail ccr-help_at_ccr.buffalo.edu

See here for a detailed schedule of the downtime