You may be wondering why you are getting an error similar to this when you login:

quota: error while getting quota from for <your_username> : Connection refused

Some users have remnants of old quota commands in their login files.  Please check your .bashrc and .bash_profile to see if you have any quota commands listed.  It may look something like this:

# check for overquota messages

quota -r

If you've got any quota commands in your login files, remove them!  Check out this knowledgebase article for how to check your quota

Do you have two-factor authentication enabled?

There is a known bug in the Red Hat authentication system that prevents the usage of kinit.  Until this is resolved, users with two-factor authentication enabled are unable to use the iquota commands.  We are in the process of building this information into Coldfront.  In the meantime, please submit a help ticket and a CCR staff member will provide quota information for you.  Thank you for your patience!