NOTE: Slurm commands use what is set as the default cluster on the server you're logged into. For most servers at CCR, this is the ub-hpc cluster. To run these commands against the faculty cluster, use the '-M cluster' option: -M faculty

From time to time jobs may be marked as pending due to low priority. In such cases, you can use the "sranks" command to get a sense of a job's priority relative to other jobs in the queue. Use the command:

sranks --raw | more

and press the space bar to page down through the entire list of pending jobs and the values of their priority components --- age, fairshare, job size, partition, and qos.

Keep in mind that as jobs wait in the queue the age component of their priority is increased. This ensures that no jobs are starved --- i.e. have such a low initial priority that they never run. As such, all jobs will run eventually once their age component increases sufficiently.

You can use the "stimes" command:

stimes --user=your_user_name

to see when a job is expected to start. However, only jobs that are scheduled to start within 3 days are assigned an estimated start time. Jobs that are further out on the scheduling horizon will have an "undetermined" start time.