There is a time limit of 15 minutes for any application that is launched from the CCR front-end machine. If you want more time for your MATLAB computation, then you must do 1 of the 4 things described below.

1. Submit a SLURM script to use MATLAB in batch mode. Example SLURM scripts are located on the CCR storage at /util/academic/matlab/example

See this knowledge base article for instructions on preparing, submitting and monitoring a batch job

2. Request an interactive compute node and then load and launch MATLAB from the compute node. 

See this knowledge base articlefor instructions

3. Launch MATLAB from the OnDemand portal --- this will provide 24 hours for your application to run. 

See this knowledge base article for details

4. Use a non-shared MDCS connection. For this approach you run MATLAB directly from your desktop installation and not from the CCR installation. A special .m file that you must customize is used to submit your calculations to the cluster from within the non-shared installation environment. 

More details can be found here

The .pdf file below contains a summary of these options.