The pdf tutorial below provides step by step instructions. Briefly, you load "abaqus" and then launch a custom script called "abaqus_cae_batch".


$ module load abaqus/6.14-5 
$ abaqus_cae_batch 


Command line options for abaqus_cae_batch are listed below with default values in parentheses. These options are applied during the solver phase after the user exits the CAE GUI.

--time=[hh:mm:ss]                (01:00:00)  ; the amount of compute time
--nodes=[nn]                     (2)
--partition=[part]               (debug)
--clusters=[cluster]             (ub-hpc)
--ntasks-per-node=[tpn]          (12)
--mem=[memMB]                    (48000)
--constraint=[constraint]        (IB)
--qos=[qos_type]                 (none)
--option=[submit|datacheck]      (submit)  ; the abaqus solver option