UB CCR maintains a "stock" version of Anaconda Python that is updated a couple times each year. If this installation is not suitable you may wish to install and maintain your own version of the software.

First you'll need to obtain the Linux installer from the following site: Anaconda Distribution

Next run the installer and be sure to direct it to install in your projects area (e.g. /projects/academic/your_pi_group/your_user_name)

Now create a directory for the anaconda python module file: 

mkdir -p /projects/academic/your_pi_group/your_user_name/modulefiles/python


Now copy over the UB CCR anaconda module file:

cd /projects/academic/your_pi_group/your_user_name/modulefiles/python
cp /util/academic/modulefiles/Core/python/anaconda.lua  my-python-27.lua


It is important to give your module a new name.

Now edit the anaconda module file so that it references your installation rather than the one in the "/util/academic" area.  You can edit the file in the OnDemand file manager or on the command line.

gedit my-python-27.lua


Finally, use the following sequence to load your anaconda module: 

module use /projects/academic/your_pi_group/your_user_name/modulefiles
module load python/my-python-27

NOTE: If you're using this installation within OnDemand, please make sure to follow the instructions in #2 in this article