Backups of CCR systems are done for disaster recovery purposes only.  We can not guarantee backups complete in a certain time period (i.e. within 24 hours).   We make a best effort to back up all file changes daily but the more files that change on our systems on a given day, the longer that process takes. 

We highly recommend users backup their data offsite for additional protection.  Options include: UB Box or Microsoft OneDrive - provided by UBIT, your PC, other personal cloud options

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Backups of Current Storage Filesystems Suspended as of 1/20/21

We have begun the transfer of backups to the new storage to remove the load off of the old storage system.  After the data is synced to the new storage it will be backed up.  Please see the detailed information about the new storage migration set to take place beginning February 1.

What is backed up?

  • Home (/user) and project directories (/projects) on the core storage system are backed up to an offsite storage system by UB's Enterprise Infrastructure Services team.

  • Incremental backups occur daily.

  • Backups are retained for 30 days.


This includes data residing in /tmp or /scratch on ANY server or compute node and the global scratch directories and NO BACKUP OF ANYTHING IN THE LAKE EFFECT RESEARCH CLOUD!

See this knowledgebase article for more information

Limits of backup service

CCR is unable to backup user or project directories with more than 50 million files in them.  Any directory that reaches this limit will be excluded from the daily backups.  We will notify the faculty member/PI of the group before the directory is removed from backups.  However, it is the PI's responsibility to notify his/her group of this exclusion.  You can check how many files are in your directory using the iquota command:

iquota -u username

iquota -p /projects/academic/YourGroupName

iquota -p /projects/rpci/YourGroupName

Requesting a data restore:

  • Every effort will be made to retrieve requested data files from the backups, however we do not guarantee that the data can be recovered.  As stated above, we strongly recommend you keep copies of your important data on your personal machine, external disk, or cloud service.
  • To request a file or directory be restored from backup tape, please submit a ticket to CCR help providing the following information:  full file location to be restored, name of file/directory to be restored, date of last known time it was in this location.  Remember, if it's over 30 days, it will no longer be available for restore.

Industry Cluster Projects

Please note that business partners utilizing the industry cluster do not have backups made of their data unless it's specified in their Cooperative Use Agreement.