Please watch this recording to learn who CCR is and what CCR offers to aid your research.  

The CCR servers run various versions of Linux.  Users must know how to use the unix command line shell in order to utilize CCR servers.  See below for links that will get new users started on utilizing the CCR clusters.  You can also search the extensive knowledgebase for answers to your specific questions.  If you can't find an answer, just submit a help ticket.

Virtual Workshops:

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Login Options:

OnDemand - web-based portal providing a single access point for all HPC resources.  Users can transfer files, access a shell environment on the cluster front-end login server, launch interactive and remote visualization jobs, and monitor jobs all without installing any client software or web plug-ins. 

Login and File Transfer

Setting up graphical display to CCR servers

Basic UNIX

Storage and Quotas


What is already installed on the clusters

Installing software for your research

What are software modules and how do you use them?

Creating your own personal modules

Creating modules for your research group

Running Jobs:

Computing Resources

Batch Scheduler (SLURM)

Submitting SLURM scripts to the cluster

Submitting an interactive job to the cluster

Are you trying to run on the cluster but your job keeps getting killed?  This may be the reason

Checking the status of your jobs

Monitoring your jobs

How jobs are prioritized in the CCR queue

Viewing job history and accounting

Advanced User Topics