ACCOUNT NOTE:  Your username and password for the Eucalyptus management console are the same as your CCR username and password.  However, you will be provided with an "account" name - this is generally your PI group name, project name, or other group you might be associated with.  You will be provided with this information when you are informed that your cloud account is ready.  More information about cloud access can be found here

CCR's Research Cloud utilizes the Eucalyptus cloud tools.  The management console is the easiest way to manage your cloud account, instances, credentials, snapshots, etc.  This is what the Eucalyptus management console dashboard looks like:

You can hover over the icons on the left to access more tools from any page in the console.  The HP Eucalyptus docs are extremely robust so we will not replicate them in our own knowlegebase.

HP Eucalyptus Management Console Documentation

NOTE:  Not every option listed in the HP documentation is available in CCR's cloud.

If you have any questions about the console, need clarification of HP's documentation, or there is something unique to CCR's installation that you need help with, please submit a ticket via the CCR Help portal or by emailing