You will need to have created Access Keys before trying to connect to a Windows instance

Creating Key Pair

See this knowledgebase article if you have not already created access keys

To Connect to a Running Windows Instance

Login to the Eucalyptus console and click on the ... next to your instance name and choose Connect to Instance.  You'll see something like this:

Each time you start an instance, Eucalyptus will generate a new password for the Administrator account.  To get the password, click on the blue text under PASSWORD in this pop-up window.  In this case, you'd click on "get password for Dori Sajdak"  When you click on it, you will be asked to navigate to the private key file you previously downloaded in the "Creating Access Keys" step above.  Find the file you downloaded and double click on it.  The text under PASSWORD will change to the password you need for the Administrator account of this instance.

Once you have your password, use a Windows RDP (remote desktop) client to connect to your instance using the IP address for FQDN (fully qualified domain name).  In this case above, the IP address would be: and the FQDN would be  The FQDN will not be recognizable outside of CCR so you must use the IP address to connect.

NOTE: The CCR cloud instances are only accessible via port 22 (ssh) from outside the UB & Roswell Park networks.  If you need access to Windows instances from outside either of these networks, you must setup an elastic IP on your instance(s) and request that CCR open a port on the firewall for you.  More instructions for these two steps are here:

Elastic IP addresses

Requesting access to your instance from outside the UB network

Still can't connect?

Did you make sure to create and associate your instance to a security group that allows for access to port 3389?  This is the port the remote desktop protocol (RDP) uses to communicate.  See this knowledgebase article for more information about creating security groups

Using a RDP client that is not the Microsoft Windows RDP client

You can connect to your Windows instance using a RDP client on a Mac or Linux operating system.  However, these client packages don't allow you to override the security certificate and will not allow the connection.  You will get a certificate warning because the name of the instance on the Eucalyptus side is different than the FQDN.  You need to connect with a Microsoft RDP client (available in Apple App store) and change the Remote Desktop client settings to allow these connections:

Open Explorer

Right click on "This PC"

Choose Properties

Remote Settings

Un-check "Allow Connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication"

Allowing additional users to connect to Windows instances

When you launch an instance in the cloud (whether it's a linux or Windows instance), you have to select a key pair to use.  Once that instance is launched, the only way to connect to it, is with that same key pair.  So if you launch an instance, only you can connect to it.  If you want others to be able to connect to your instance, you will need to create accounts in Windows, so that they can login just like any other Windows server.  They would not need the key pair or private key on their local machines and wouldn't even need CCR cloud accounts at all.  They would just use the remote desktop client, the IP address of the server, and the user account name you created for them.  The accounts can either be in the Administrator group on the server or not, depending on how much access you want to grant other users.  Any accounts that will be logging in with remote desktop though, need to be in the "Remote Desktop Users" group on your server.  Also, keep in mind, with Windows servers, you will only be able to have two login sessions at a time.  So if you have many users in your group, only two of you can login to a single server at once.  That's not a limitation of the cloud; it is a limitation of Microsoft's operating system.  If you want more than that many connections at once, you have to run a terminal server.

CCR does not provide support for managing the server.  You can find documentation on Microsoft's website: