In order to connect to any cloud instances you will need to utilize an SSH key pair.  There are two ways to accomplish this:

1. Create the key pair in the Eucalyptus Management Console, or

2. Upload an existing SSH public key that you've generated on your personal computer

1. How to create a key pair in Eucalyptus:

The first time you login to the  Eucalyptus Management Console you need to create a key pair so that you'll be able to remotely connect to your instances.  

Click on the Key Pairs box on the dashboard 

Click on the "Create key pair" button
  • Name the keypair "ubid-key" (substitute your username for ubid) and click on the "Create and Download" button.

  • Your web browser will download a file named "ubid-key.pem."
    • It is VERY IMPORTANT to store this key in a safe place as you will need it to access your instances.  Do NOT store these credentials on front end machines of the clusters or shared storage (such as IFS home or project directories or GPFS). They should be treated like ssh private keys and kept very secure. If these credentials were to be compromised, the attacker would gain full access to your cloud account.  Make sure to change the ownership of the file to allow you to read it and no one else!

  • More details about key pair management can be found in the Eucalyptus User Console documentation

Alternatively, if you already have a SSH public key, you can use it in the cloud:

2. How to upload an existing public key to Eucalyptus

Just as in step 1 above, login to the Eucalyptus management console and click on the Key Pairs box.  Instead of clicking "create key pair", click on the arrow next to it and choose Import Public Key

Enter a name for your key and paste the contents of your PUBLIC SSH key into the box.  You can also browse for the key on your PC, select it and the contents will be pasted into the box.  Click the Import button to complete the process.