CCR does NOT backup any data, software, instances, volumes, snapshots, or configurations on your instances.  You are solely responsible for the backup and safe keeping of your data!

Creating a Snapshot of an EBS Volume:


You can create a backup — called a snapshot — of any Eucalyptus EBS volume. You can create a snapshot by using the command-line tools or the Eucalyptus management console and simply specifying the volume from which you want to create the snapshot, along with a description of the snapshot. Snapshots can be used to create new volumes.


In the Management console, click on Snapshots and Create New Snapshot:

The progress bar will display as the snapshot process completes.  You can then view the availability of your snapshots in the snapshot window:

After the snapshot is complete, you are able to create a new volume from the snapshot and you can register the snapshot as a new image.