Permitted Usage:

The UB CCR Lake Effect cloud computing platform is designed for UB's faculty and staff researchers and their students.  Just as with your CCR account, you are required to comply with the University at Buffalo's information technology policies.  The cloud is intended for academic research and should be used to further scholarship and support research work only.  The cloud should not be used for personal work.  The running of web stores/marketplaces or conducting any illegal business or transactions is not permitted on the Lake Effect cloud.  

CCR systems are NOT HIPAA-compliant.  Storage of any personally identifiable Protected Health Information (PHI) on our systems is a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 Privacy and Security Rules.  If in doubt, contact CCR before transferring your data.


We reserve the right to shut down any instance, without prior notice, that is causing problems internally, externally or violating the University at Buffalo’s information technology policies and/or the laws of New York State or the United States of America.  Users committing such offenses may be reported to the University security office or the local authorities.