With the introduction of UB's Box cloud storage solution, we are now able to offer users an easy way to provide large files when reporting problems to CCR help.

Check out UBBox

4 Step Quick Start Guide from UBIT

Login to UBBox and place any files you want to share with CCR into a folder in your UBBox account.  Examples of files that will help us determine what your problem is include:  error messages, input and output files, SLURM submission scripts, and screenshots of the problem.

Once the files are in your UBBox account, create a help ticket in the CCR help portal.  Detail the problem in the text box, then click on the Attach link at the bottom.  You can choose between uploading the files or attaching them from your UBBox account.  The maximum size file you can upload into a ticket is 15mb so we encourage you to use this Box plugin to allow you to share more information with us.  The more information we have, the easier it is for us to help with your question!