CCR offers several tools/packages to assist users in debugging their codes, including parallel debuggers.

Allinea DDT

  • Allinea DDT is a commercial graphical interface for debugging serial, OpenMP, and MPI applications. It also has some support for debugging GPU applications written in CUDA.
  • Allinea DDT webpage
  • See also CCR's DDT web-page

GNU Debugger: gdb

GNU DataDisplayDebugger: ddd

Intel Debugger: idb

  • The default is a non-graphical interface.
    • The -gui flag will launch a graphical interface.
  • This debugger can be used with parallel MPI applications.
  • Load one of the Intel modules to set the PATH for idb.
    • Show available Intel modules: module avail intel
    • Load the default Intel module: module load intel
  • idb documentation


PGI Debugger: pgdbg

  • This is a graphical debugger for parallel MPI and OpenMP applications.
  • Load one of the PGI modules to set the PATH for pgdbg.
    • Show available PGI modules: module avail pgi
    • Load the default PGI module: module load pgi
  • pgdbg guide
  • pgdbg debugger website


Eclipse Open Development Platform:


KDevelop Integrated Development Environment: