Profiling tools are available that allow users to profile their application/code to determine the performance of the component routines. This can be particularly useful when designing a parallel version of a sequential code.

Allinea MAP


GNU Profiler: gprof


PGI Profiler: pgprof

  • This is a graphical performance profiler for parallel MPI and OpenMP applications.
  • Load one of the PGI modules to set the PATH for pgprof.
    • Show available PGI modules: module avail PGI
    • Load the default PGI module: module load pgi
  • pgprof guide
  • PGI Profiler website


Performance Application Programming Interface: PAPI


Lightweight, Scalable MPI Profiling: mpip

  • The mpip profiler gathers statistical information about MPI functions.
  • This is a link-time library.
  • Load one of the mpip modules.
    • Show available PAPI modules: module avail mpip
  • mpip documentation