CCR is pleased to provide users with an easy-to-use web-based tool for monitoring machine utilization.  The interface provides a dashboard overview of resource consumption along with fine-grained control over the time period and resources that are displayed. The information is presented in easy to understand interactive charts, graphs, and tables.


How do I login?

To login point your browser to:

UB users can click on the University at Buffalo logo and login with their UB credentials.  Once logged in, you can view your personal job details, resource usage, and other metrics.

Non-UB users that have access to CCR resources can request an account by clicking the Sign Up button.  You will be contacted by the Open XDMoD team when your account is ready.

See this article for more login information & screenshots


Where does the information come from?

The information is harvested from the SLURM accounting log files. The workload manager logs various bits of information about each job throughout it's life cycle. Each night these log files are processed and the data is aggregated and stored in a database.


How often is the information updated?

The job stats are updated nightly and aggregate the data on a rolling week (last 7 days), month (last 30 days), and quarter (last 84 days). The web interface displays the information as of the previous day.


Open XDMoD on Sourceforge:

Open XDMoD is the software that powers CCR's original MyStats program and was the basis for its development. CCR released Open XDMoD as an open source project which is freely available on Sourceforge. To download and install Open XDMoD click here.