NOTE: This documentation is outdated and currently being updated.  Please contact CCR help with any questions regarding this topic.  Thank you for your patience

Coldfront Login

Click the login button and enter your UB username (not full email address) and your CCR password:

Once logged in to Coldfront, faculty users will see a dashboard that includes the list of subscriptions they have access to and their expiration dates, a list of their projects, and information about CCR systems, documentation and help resources.  

Existing faculty members should find they have a default project created for them when they first login to Coldfront.  The information used for this project came from the original account request you submitted when you first requested a CCR account.  We realize that information could have changed over the years so we encourage you to update it and select a more accurate field of science, if necessary.  We also encourage you to update your project name so that it is more meaningful to you.  You can edit information in your project by clicking on the project name.  Below are screenshots of the different pieces that make up the project.  Faculty members can add information such as grants and publications within this view.  They can also update their research description and field of science, add users to their group and request new subscriptions for CCR resources.

To update your project information, click the yellow Update Project Information button.  You can edit any of the three parts below.  The field of science list was taken from the National Science Foundation.  If your field is not listed, please choose Other.  Click the Save button once your changes are ready.

Additional information about the parts of your project record can be found here: