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An allocation provides you access to a resource and, possibly, limitations for that access.  All CCR resources (clusters, servers, storage, cloud, licenses, etc) require an allocation.  All allocations expire at some point, either on a date or when the limit is reached.  For example, an allocation to a cloud resource has a limit of the total number of core hours allowed by that user.  Once the user has reached that number, the allocation expires.  

When users login to ColdFront, they will see a list of all the allocations they have access to and the expiration date of that allocation.  In order to renew an allocation, the faculty member who manages the project that the allocation falls under, must take action.

How do I know which resource(s) I should request allocations for?

To renew an allocation for the UB-HPC cluster:

Allocations for the UB-HPC cluster expire yearly.  Faculty must renew their allocation or access to the resource will be blocked for all group members.  CCR requires faculty to review and update their project(s) annually.  If your project has not be reviewed in a year and an allocation on the project is expiring, you will be forced to go through the project review before renewing the allocation.  More details on the project review can be found here.   For instructions on how to renew a cluster allocation, see this knowledgebase article

To renew an allocation for storage:

CCR provides each faculty group with up to 1TB of storage for free.   Please request an allocation for the 'Project Storage' resource if you'd like a shared project directory.  If you'd like to purchase additional storage, please use the Allocation Change Request feature.  There is no automated payment process so a CCR staff member will reach out to you for payment options after you put in the request in ColdFront.

To renew a cloud allocation:

Cloud allocations are priced to allow a user access to 1 CPU in the cloud for an entire year.  You may want to utilize more than this so your allocation will be used up faster.  The date listed for a cloud allocation expiration is the latest date you will be allowed to use the purchased cloud hours.  If you don't use them by this date, they are forfeited.  User have access to see their cloud utilization and how much is left on their allocation in ColdFront by clicking on the file folder icon next to the cloud compute allocation.   When a cloud allocation has been reached, users should request a new allocation, rather than renew the existing one.  

To renew an allocation for a departmental server or cluster:

The allocations for departmental research servers or clusters are set to expire when their warranties expire.  Please discuss with CCR prior to the expiration of these warranties.  Once a warranty expires, CCR can not fix or replace bad equipment so it is imperative we discuss upgrades or replacements before the warranty on your equipment expires.  The current policy is to power off anything that is more than 7 years old.