Coldfront Login

To request a new subscription for a resource, click on the Request Resource Subscription button in the Project Description Detail.  A list of resources you potentially have access to will be displayed.  

UB-HPC = academic cluster (available to all UB faculty, their students & collaborators)

Project Storage = additional storage you can purchase if you require more than the initial 1TB CCR provides for free

Lake Effect = research cloud subscriptions

Cloud Storage = additional storage you can purchase for the Lake Effect research cloud if you require more than the initial storage included with your subscription

I want access to a resource that isn't in my list!

If there is a resource you think you should have access to but it's not on the list, please submit a CCR help ticket.  If you would like access to a departmental server or colleague's cluster, the PI responsible for the resource will need to request the subscription for you.

PIs with departmental clusters:

If you would like a colleague to have access to your resource, you should add that person to your subscription.  You do not need to add that person to your project, but you can if you'd like them to have access to your project space as well.  Adding them to your subscription for your cluster will allow them to run jobs on your cluster.

If you'd like a colleague's entire group to have access to your server or cluster, you can add them all as described above.  If you'd like that colleague to be able to add new users to your resource in the future, CCR can provide them access to add their own subscriptions to your resource and add their users.  We don't recommend this unless the equipment is a shared resource or you implicitly trust the other faculty member.  You will not be able to see any subscriptions or users that are added if this access is given.  If you have questions, please contact CCR help.

Departmental servers:

At this time, the long list of deparmental servers maintained by CCR is not available in Coldfront.  We will notify departmental contacts who manage these servers, when they can begin using Coldfront to request access on them.  Until then, please submit a ticket to CCR help.

Cloud Subscriptions:

Please note that cloud subscriptions may take a little longer to process.  We require payment in advance, or at least the UB payment process started.  Please see this article for more details