Coldfront Login

First, login to Coldfront with your UB username (not full email address) and CCR password.  Once logged in, click on the project that you want to add a user to then click the Add User button.

In your project description view, when you click Add Users, you will be sent to a page that allows you to search UB's systems by username.  If found, the user information will be displayed and you can select the account you'd like to add.  The UB username is the first part of the user's UB email address (i.e. in the example the username would be 'user').  If you do not know the username, you can look it up on UB's directory

You may enter a list of UB usernames in the box.  Please put each username on a separate line.

NOTE: To add a user to your project or subscription they must have a UB or CCR account.  If you have an external-UB collaborator that you want to grant an account to, you must submit a CCR help ticket as only CCR staff can create those accounts.

If found in UB's system, the full names and email addresses of the users will be displayed.  Select the checkbox next to the user(s) you'd like to add.  Then click Add Selected Users:

At this point, you have the option of selecting a role for the user - you can add the user as a manager to your project (see this knowledgebase article for more info) and select the subscriptions in your project that you want the user to have access to.  Please realize if you're adding multiple users at once, the role selected will be applied to all accounts so we don't recommend choosing the 'manager' role.  You can return to the Project Overview page and modify any users' roles if you'd like to make them a manager at a later time.

You can see all users that have access to your project in the Project Description View.  You can also view this on each of your subscriptions or by clicking the folder icon next to the user's name to see their specific access.

Once you've clicked Add User, you can go back to the Project Description page and you will see the user listed and the status is 'pending.'  CCR will be notified of your request, create the user's account, and send them an activation email.  After that point, the user's status will show as 'active'

Please contact CCR help if you submitted a request to add users and they don't show up as pending or if the accounts have not been created within 1 week.