First you must prepare an Abaqus parametric study file (psf) following the procedure outlined in the Abaqus user manual. This is located in Abaqus Analysis Volume 4  in Chapter 20 (Parametric Studies). Upon loading the abaqus module (e.g. using "module load abaqus"), the path to the documentation is stored in an environment variable name "ABAQUS_PDF_DOCS". So you can view the Vol. 4 documentataion using the following command from a CCR front-end (or viz node) terminal prompt:




Once you have a .psf file, the next step is to prepare and submit a SLURM script to perform the study on the cluster. Please take a look at the example files located in the following CCR utility directory:



   slurm-abaqus-parametric-study: the SLURM script that launches Abaqus on the cluster

   tutorial.inp: an example Abaqus input file for "stress analysis for a plate with a hole"

   tutorial.psf: an example Abaqus parameter study file, with custom commands to run on UB CCR


The tutorial.psf file in the example uses a customized command "os.system('abaqus_parstudy')" to execute the study instead of the usual "p1.execute(ALL)" command. This ensures that the parametric study will run efficiently on the cluster. In your own .psf file make sure you use "os.system('abaqus_parstudy')" instead of "execute(ALL)".

Use the "cp" command to copy the "slurm-abaqus-parametric-study" script to your working directory and edit as needed for your project. When you are ready, submit the SLURM script using "sbatch".

Prior to submitting the SLURM script you might comment out the "os.system('abaqus_parstudy')" command in the .psf file and run "abaqus script=xxxxxx.psf" (where xxxxxx is the name of your psf file) from a CCR front-end (or viz node) terminal. This way you can check to make sure the .psf file is correct. Your working directory should contain a suite of .inp files and a single .var file when Abaqus finishes processing the .psf file. Inspect the .inp files to make sure they look ok. Assuming all is well you can then submit the SLURM script  but remember to un-comment the "os.system('abaqus_parstudy')" command in the .psf file first!