Faculty members that are new to CCR will need to:

  1. Create a CCR account
  2. Request an upgrade of your account to a 'PI' account
  3. Create a project in Coldfront and request subscriptions for the resources you want access to (see steps below)

Once #1 and #2 above are complete, you must create a new project in our resource subscription management portal, Coldfront.  Coldfront allows faculty to manage what resources at CCR they have access to, add/remove users to their group, and provide documentation to CCR for annual reporting to the University.

NOTE:  You must be on a UB network (either on campus or connected to the UB VPN) to access this site!

STEP 1:  Before you will be able to run jobs or get access to any of CCR's resources, you will need to add a project:

Creating a new project

STEP 2:  Then you will need to request a subscription to the resource (cluster, storage, cloud, etc) at CCR you'd like to use.  If you require access to more than one resource, you can request multiple subscriptions at this time:

Requesting new subscriptions

STEP 3 (optional): You can also add users to your group that will get access to the resources you allow:

Adding users to your project and/or subscriptions

NOTE: University policy strictly forbids the sharing of accounts so if you have students, staff or post-docs that are working for you, they must have their own CCR account.