Coldfront Login

Faculty members that are new to CCR will need to create a research project record when they first login to Coldfront.  Once your CCR account is created, you will receive an account activation email.  Please follow the instructions to activate the account, then you will be able to login to Coldfront.  Instructions for account activation can be found here


Click the login button and enter your UB username (not full email address) and your CCR password:

Once logged in to Coldfront, faculty users will see a dashboard that will eventually include a list of their projects and resource subscriptions, information about CCR systems, documentation and help resources.  The list of subscriptions will show what resources you have access to or what access is still pending.  Once CCR staff have given you the appropriate access, your subscription list will show the resources you have access to and their expiration dates.



STEP 1:  Before you will be able to run jobs or get access to any of CCR's resources, you will need to add a project:

Creating a new project

STEP2:  Then you will need to request a subscription to the resource(s) at CCR you'd like to use:

Requesting new subscriptions

NOTE: If you add the subscriptions first, then add the users, you'll be asked which subscriptions the user should have access to.  

STEP 3 (optional): You can also add users to your group that will get access to the resources you allow:

Adding users to your project and/or subscriptions

NOTE: University policy strictly forbids the sharing of accounts so if you have students, staff or post-docs that are working for you, they must have their own CCR account.


Additional information about the parts of your project record can be found here:


Adding grant information to your project


Adding publication information to your project

Granting manager access to your project

Removing users from your project and/or subscriptions


Renewing your project & account