NOTE: This documentation is outdated and currently being updated.  Please contact CCR help with any questions regarding this topic.  Thank you for your patience

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We encourage all faculty members to provide information about the grants they've received that provide a percent credit and/or direct funds to CCR.  Providing both to CCR will allow us to boost your priority and jobs run by everyone in your group will start faster.  More details can be found on our website

To enter grant information, click the Add Grant button from the Project Description view.  Fill in all required information and click the Create button.

Once created, you'll see all your grant information listed in the project description view:

You can edit existing grant information by clicking on the pencil icon  under the Actions column.

You can delete the grant by clicking on the trash can icon under the Actions column.

We are working with UB's Research Foundation to make this information searchable from their databases.  In the future, we hope to make this information an easy import into your project.