NOTE: This documentation is outdated and currently being updated.  Please contact CCR help with any questions regarding this topic.  Thank you for your patience

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We encourage faculty to add links to their publications that acknowledge CCR or in which the information contained directly relates to work done at CCR.  You are welcome to add all your publications to this list, if you'd like.  To add publications, click on the Add Publication button in the Project Description view.  We offer two options for adding this information.  You can use the CrossRef tool, which allows you to search using the publication title, your last name, the DOI number, or the ORCID iD, or import your list of publications in BibTeX format:

Using the BibTeX import tool (recommended over Crossref):

Users select whether to import a list of their publications in BibTeX format or copy and paste the list into the text box.  We recommend users only upload the publications that are relevant to their work at CCR.  This will keep the file size manageable and will be the most useful for the CCR director to collate.  As far as we are aware, all tools used to manage publications allow for the export in BibTeX format so we feel this option is the best for our users.  

What is BibTeX?

Text can be formatted and encoded in hundreds of different ways so we have to limit the number of formats we can accept.  We have settled on the three most popular encodings: ASCIIUTF-8, and WIN-1252.  If you try to upload in a different format, you will receive an error and need to return to the previous step to attempt the upload again.  

Once you've either copied and pasted or uploaded your list, click "Go to Next Step:

Your list of publications will be displayed and you can either individually select the ones you'd like to add to your project, or use the checkbox in the top of the column to select them all.  Then click "Go to Next Step:

The list of publications you've selected will be displayed and you can click Finish to add them to your project.  You will be re-directed to a page that shows all of the publications on your project:

If you'd like to go back and delete a publication, click the Details link next to it and then click on the Delete button

Using the Crossref search tool:

We've heard reports from users that the API Crossref releases doesn't contain all of their publications.  Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this limitation so if you find your search is lacking all the publications you'd like to import, we recommend you use the BibTeX importer.

Once you enter your search criteria, you will be presented with all matches and you can select the ones you want to add to your project list.  Once you've clicked the select box next to the articles you'd like to add, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Add selected publications" button.

Back in the Project Description view, you'll see the list of publications you've selected:

You can delete the publication off of your project list by clicking on the trash can icon under the Actions column.