CCR users are often faced with the difficult prospect of transferring large amounts of data to CCR for processing and back to their lab or office for archival and backup purposes.  We now have two services for transferring data that will allow users the ability to quickly transfer data using GlobusFTP and the data transfer node (DTN).  Users can also copy data to UBBox (UB's cloud storage).


Globus is a fast, secure, and convenient way to transfer your large data files. Globus follows this "fire and forget" model where you can initiate a to and fro transfer from two different endpoints, forget about it and focus on your research until its done. To learn how to get started with Globus, please view the following articles:

Connecting to CCR endpoint and browsing files

Creating a share and sharing it with users

Setting up a personal endpoint on a desktop and transferring files

Sharing data through Globus with a non-UB user

NOTE: You will need to have a UB account to authenticate to the Globus service.  External collaborators, industry partners, and other non-UB users of CCR do not have access to this service

DTN (to be decommissioned on 8/23/22)

Please use Globus for large file transfers and either the cluster login node ( or the OnDemand files app for smaller transfers

Option 1: SSH/SFTP

You can login and transfer files using SSH just as we detail in this article

Option 2: GridFTP

You can also using GridFTP for transferring files.  This is recommended if you have especially large files or a large amount of files.  Details for using GridFTP can be found in this article


The data transfer server is not to be used for compiling code or submitting jobs to the cluster.  If you have modules sourced in your login files, you will get an error message when you login as modules are not supported on the data transfer server.