UBBox is cloud storage offered by UBIT for all faculty, staff, and students.  CCR does not support UBBox nor do we offer any assistance with using it.  However, we are providing this documentation as a resource to CCR users.  Box does not currently offer a Linux client nor does UBIT support any alternate methods for mounting it.  We have developed and tested a method for mounting UBBox on our servers so CCR users can easily transfer their files between the two services.  

DISCLAIMER: Please realize that since this is unsupported by UBIT we can only do so much to support the service from our end.  If you have any problems with your UBBox account or settings, you will need to contact UBIT, not CCR.  However, if you have any problems with the scripts mentioned below, please submit a CCR help ticket.

You will only be able to mount UBBox from CCR's data transfer node: transfer.ccr.buffalo.edu.  The first time you want to mount UBBox, you will need to do some setup (see steps 1 and 2)

1. Mounting UB Box requires an external password.  To create an external password, login to UB Box through the web


At the top right, click on your username

[Account Settings]

Under the Authentication section of the page you need to set a password to use outside of UBBox:

"Edit password"

New password:

Confirm password:


It looks like this:

You can logout of UBBox at this time.

2. Login to CCR's transfer server:  transfer.ccr.buffalo.edu 

Instructions for logging into CCR resources can be found in this knowledgebase article

3.  Run the script ub-box-mount-setup and follow the instructions

[ccruser@srv-m15-37 ~]$ ub-box-mount-setup

Then you can edit the file in your home directory (substitute ccruser for your username in the example below):


and replace:


with the external password you created on the web in step 1

3.  Mount UBBox

[ccruser@srv-m15-37 ~]$ mount-ub-box

[ccruser@srv-m15-37 ~]$ ls ~/UB-Box/

Now copy files to or from UBBox to or from your CCR home directory, group project directory, or /gpfs/scratch

4. To Un-mount UBBox - this is optional.  You can leave it mounted and it persist through logouts

[ccruser@srv-m15-37 ~]$ umount-ub-box  

After the first time setting this up, you only need to do step 3 and, optionally, step 4, when you want to access UBBox from the CCR transfer node.

IMPORTANT POINT: The UB-Box directory will remain in your home directory even if you don't have UBBox mounted on the transfer node.  It will also appear in your home directory on other CCR servers that do not mount UBBox.  The directory will appear empty.  You will not be able to access UBBox from any nodes or servers other than the data transfer node.  It will not be accessible from within a SLURM job.