What is QOS (quality of service)?

At CCR we are using the quality of service function of the SLURM scheduler in two ways.  The first is to set limits on number of jobs users can submit.  To keep things fair for everyone, the most jobs a user can have in the general-compute and scavenger partitions at one time is 1000.  We limit the largemem, gpu, and viz partition jobs to 32 and 4 is the max you can submit to the debug queue.  We also use QOS to offer those who financially support our center a priority boost.  In theory this isn't any different than it was before, except all of these limits were set on associations and by organizing it this way, we've eliminated 75% of our associations.  It also gives us the flexibility in the future to use QOS in other ways.  See the list below for all the possible qos's available on CCR clusters.  Your account has been given access to the ones we believe you should have.  If you find an error, please submit a help ticket. 

List of CCR QOS settings:

debug = ub-hpc cluster, debug partition, maxSubmitJobsPerUser=4  - available to academic users only

gpu = ub-hpc cluster, gpu partition, maxSubmitJobsPerUser=32 - available to academic users only

general-compute = ub-hpc cluster, general-compute partition, maxSubmitJobsPerUser=1000  - available to academic users only

largemem = ub-hpc cluster, largemem partition, maxSubmitJobsPerUser=32  - available to academic users only

skylake = ub-hpc cluster, skylake partition, maxSubmitJobsPerUser=1000  - available to academic users only

viz = available only through the OnDemand Portal - NOTE: any jobs submitted directly to this partition will be rejected.  You must use the portal

industry = industry cluster, industry partition, maxSubmitJobsPerUser=1000  - available to industry users only

supporters = priority boost available to financial contributors to CCR (How do I become a CCR supporter?)

scavenger = includes all scavenger partitions in industry, chemistry, MAE, & physics clusters - available to academic users only

These are private faculty cluster QOS settings and only available to those people in the faculty group:

pzhang3 = physics cluster, pzhang3 partition

wjzheng = physics cluster, wjzheng partition

srrappoc = physics cluster, srrappoc partition

ciaranwi = physics cluster, ciaranwi partition

compbio = mae cluster, compbio partition

copernicus = mae cluster, copernicus partition

psingla = mae cluster, psingla partition

davidsal = mae cluster, davidsal partition

dsmackay = mae cluster, dsmackay partition

estellec = mae cluster, estellec partition

gbc = mae cluster, gbc partition

geosolver = mae cluster, geosolver partition

isecc = mae cluster, isecc partition (formally  josewalt)

ped3 = mae cluster, ped3 partition

planex = mae cluster, planex partition

thales = mae cluster, thales partition

vidia = mae cluster, vidia partition

amurkin = chemistry cluster, amurkin partition

beta = chemistry cluster, beta partition

coppens = chemistry cluster, coppens partition

jbb6 = chemistry cluster, jbb6 partition

jochena = chemistry cluster, jochena partition

ezurek = chemistry cluster, ezurek partition

mdupuis2 = chemistry cluster, mdupuis2 partition

technetium = chemistry cluster, technetium partition

valhalla = chemistry cluster, valhalla partition

webmo-class = chemistry cluster, webmo-class partition