Before you can mount the volume, you need to create and attach it.  See this KB article for instructions


Once this is done, login to your instance.  The easiest method is to use the Windows Disk Management GUI 

Windows Disk Management GUI

Login to your instance, as described here

Go to Control Panel - Disk Management (located under: Administrative tools - create and format disks)

1. Right click on Disk 1 (it will say Offline) and choose Online (click on the box on the left hand side, not on the volume itself)

2. Right click on Disk 1 and choose Initialize - choose MBR for type (again, click on the box on the left hand side)

3. Right click on Disk 1 and choose New Simple Volume.  Click next through the steps:

  • Leave size at full maximum size
  • Assign a drive letter (in our example we used D)
  • Format (leave default):
    • Format NTFS
    • Allocation: default
    • Volume Label: leave as is or rename as desired
    • Check 'perform quick format'
    • Enable file & folder compression (check if desired)

After formatting is complete, you will see the disk is ready in disk manager and it will show up in Windows File Explorer:

Remember: CCR does not backup your instances or EBS volumes.  See this article for info on backing up your EBS storage using snapshots