ColdFront Login

NOTE: Every faculty group should have at least one project.  Faculty members may require additional projects depending on their roles at the university.  Anyone teaching classes should create projects for each course taught (these projects can be reused from semester to semester).  Also, anyone using the industry cluster for work outside their general research should create a separate project.

To create a new project, login to ColdFront and click on the "Add a Project" button



Fill out the 3 fields and click the Save button.  

NOTE: The field of science list was taken from the National Science Foundation.  If your field is not listed, please choose Other.  




 You will then be able to view all project information:


While the majority of the information is not required to get started, publication and grant information will be required to be updated on your renewal date each year.

At minimum, you will need to request an allocation to a resource and can, if desired, add users to your project.  Please see the links below for instructions:

Requesting new allocations

What resources should I request allocations for?

Adding users to your project and/or allocations



Additional information about the parts of your project record can be found here:


Adding grant information to your project


Adding publication information to your project

Granting manager access to your project


Removing users from your project and/or allocations

Managing allocations


Annual project review