The Identity Management Portal (IDM) provides users with an easy to use interface for the following account management tasks:

  1. Create a new CCR account,
  2. Change your password
  3. Reset your password if it was forgotten,
  4. See when your password expires and what groups your account is in (account information tab)
  5. Upload your public SSH keys to allow for password-less logins to CCR machines
  6. Enable two-factor authentication for the identity management portal

NOTE:  All other tasks related to your CCR account and access to resources are handled through Coldfront - the CCR allocation management portal.

CCR Identity Management Portal

To login, enter your UBIT username and CCR password:

Please note this may or may not be the same as your UB password.  The two systems are not tied together.

If you have two factor authentication turned on, you need to enter your password and the one-time token (OTP) from the app on your smartphone, tablet or computer, all together with no spaces or extra characters in between them.  More details about enabling two-factor authentication

Forgot your password?

Instructions for changing your password in the identity management portal

Once logged in, users are presented with information about their user account, including the date their password expires, the email address we have on record for the account, and what UNIX groups the account is a member of.  On the left hand side of the window, there are links to change your existing password, upload SSH Public keys, configure two-factor authentication, manage your one-time tokens for two-factor authentication, and create API keys for the research cloud.

NOTE:  You will not see the link 'SSH Keys' link unless you have two factor authentication enabled.  You will not be able to login to anything at CCR except the IDM portal without two factor authentication enabled.

More information regarding additional features in the identity management portal, account activations, and password resets:

Change or Reset your Password

Account Activation Emails

Uploading SSH Public Keys

Two-Factor Authentication

API Key Management